Customer Retention Programs
Are your customers considering the competition?
Each year corporations lose 15-30% of their existing customer base to their competition. This loss increases the pressure on sales to sell more to make up the lost revenue. There is added cost in acquiring new customers driving negative margin impacts. Considering all these components, most corporations cannot afford to lose their existing customer base and still expect to grow revenue in today's economy.

Customer Loyalty is impacted by most aspects of your business including Sales, Marketing, Operations, Delivery and Product Management. If a customer has unresolved issues, they will begin to search for an alternate product source. In fact, 68% of customers who chose to switch did so because they were unhappy with a past service incident that was not resolved satisfactorily.

Our comprehensive Customer Retention programs incorporate direct customer input, industry specific strategy and formal streamlined processes. We will help you understand what your loss rate is, why you are losing specific customers and proactively provide insight to stop the losses before they occur.
customer retention
Customer Retention Strategies
Retention Strategy
Retention Strategy
We identify your greatest retention risk areas and develop strategies to proactively address those customers before they become a loss.
Customer Retention Programs
Retention Process Design
Retention Process Design
Our Retention Process designs incorporate the roles of Sales, Marketing, Care, etc. to ensure your entire corporation is following the same mission.
Customer Retention Strategy
Customer Retention Appraisals
Customer Experience Management
Customer Retention Appraisals gather direct feedback from your customers and provide timely insight into their buying motivations and retention risk.
Customer Experience Strategies
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