Customer Retention : Retention Process Design
The customer experience is influenced by interactions with many groups throughout a company. Sales, Marketing, Operations, Support and Care all play a role.

Given the widespread impact on retention from several groups, who should own and be accountable for customer retention?
Customer Retention Techniques
Many processes recommend that Product Management, Marketing or even Customer Care groups own the responsibility for customer retention. It is true that all of these groups have an impact on customer satisfaction, but they are not the only influencers.

The sales professional is involved with the customer throughout their lifecycle. They own the customer relationship and the responsibility of growing the customer. The sales professional is best positioned to be the face of customer retention.

Retention Process design starts with a thorough assessment of your current processes and systems. Using the sales professional as the pivotal player, we build a customized retention process design for your business. The end result is a comprehensive process that places accountability at the sales professional level for lost revenue.
Retention Strategy
Need help keeping high value customers?
Customer Retention Strategy
Customer Retention Appraisals
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Customer Retention Strategies
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