Sales Force Effectiveness
Our Sales Force Effectiveness Solutions establish internal controls and implement programs to improve the efficiency of your sales processes.
Sales Booking Process
Is your sales force reporting closed deals but the revenue isn’t materializing?
Sales plans play an important role in the success of any organization that sells products to customers. The right sales plan provides appropriate incentive to the sales force and allows you to monitor buying trends. After reviewing your current booking process and compensation plans, we will design a customized sales booking process to ensure accurate sales booking. We will partner with your CRM/IT teams to integrate the process into your existing systems.
Book to Bill Audits
Do you know what your breakage percentage is between sales bookings and reported revenues?
The road to revenue realization can be long with many roadblocks along the way. Making sure sales are turning into revenue is essential to your business. You need to know that the reported sales are turning into revenue, how quickly that is happening and – if it isn’t happening – how to fix it. Our audit process and root cause analysis locates exactly where your revenue leakage is occurring and we provide recommendations to close the gaps.
Project/Program Management
Struggling to install a new CRM, launch a new sales force or implement a new process?
We can help you manage implementation of new processes and programs efficiently and effectively. We help you set up metrics to measure success; find the right sponsors and champions to ensure acceptance from the field; and engage the right departments to ensure a successful launch. We provide the structure and milestones needed to ensure your project is completed within a defined timeframe or your program launch is a success.
Sales Effectiveness
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