Customer Retention : Retention Strategy
Do you know what percentage of customers you lose each year? Do you know why they are leaving?
Customer Retention Techniques
Most dissatisfied customers never say anything; they just stop purchasing from you. We help you create a Retention Strategy that identifies where your churn occurs and implement strategies to stop the loss.

We help you devise a retention strategy by analyzing data about your historical results to identify your strengths and weaknesses. We review Marketing, Pricing, Product Development, Compensation and Incentives Programs; then determine strategic levers to improve your retention results. 

We design strategies targeted to your greatest risk areas and develop tactics to proactively address those customers before they become a loss. Our customer retention strategies focus on measurement and accountability to motivate your sales force to work as hard at retaining customers as they do at acquiring new ones.
Retention Process Design
Is your Retention Process running in circles?
Retention Process Design
Customer Retention Appraisals
Do you know what your customers want?
Customer Experience Appraisals
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